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"God in Every Stitch". Awanda Jones -Brown Minister/Designer

DIVINE CREATIONS - is not only a business, but a Ministry that is ordained by the Holy-Spirit. We are also committed to publishing the word of God, christian logos & symbols, spiritual quotes on all of our items by request. It is a blessing to be able to use my talents especially sewing and machine embroidery as a Ministry. Organizations, schools and Local Business are welcome to purchase our services.

I asked God to give me an idea and show me how I could use my life to glorify his name and to be a profitable servant. (Matthew 25:14-36). The Ministry is in gratitude for God healing my eyesight. All of my life God has been the main source of my Faith; it is a privilege and honor to serve him daily. To be able to publish the "WORD OF GOD ON APPAREL" AND INSPIRATIONAL POSITIVE QUOTES,

 is giving him praise in a special yet sacred way.

This Ministry is designed especially to create accessories for the women of God: men too. I enjoy seeing Women of God dressed as Women of God. I grew up in church and saw Missionaries and Mother's dressed in white with their beautiful White Lace Embroidered Hankies and lap scarves. You guessed it! I have been in church all of my life. I gave my life to Christ in the Church of God and Christ. Although under my Mother's roof and rule, I was brought up in the Baptist Church, still serving God. I worked in the church from being a Junior Usher in wearing the navy-blue skirt and white blouse uniform to the choir and to the kitchen. OH YEAH! I still know hot to put the corn bread in the oven while the pastor is preaching and be back in the choir for the invitation to Christ without burning the bread  

Brown & Serve Rolls. (Back in the day.)

Today, when I see Women, Ministers, Preachers, Evangelists, and other Women of God; I think of the scriptures- Deut 22:5, 1 Timothy 2:9 about how we as women of God should dress appropriately. Even in casual wear God should shine through us. I watch some of the Christian Women how they dress, especially those in the gospel shows, they need to dress to honor God; if you know what I mean. Some of our Christian Female Vocalist are fashioning themselves after the world and not the word ,this does not please God. I understand that times have changed, but not God's Word. or his rules on how he wants his "QUEEN'S to dress to please and honor him.

Many churches have gotten away from Choir Robes wearing and I think the term is "A COME AS YOU ARE CHURCH", some have really misunderstood what that means. My Choir Robe and other church uniforms are sacred and represent a reverence to GOD. Sure, just because you are saved and a Christian Woman you don't have to look dowdy and drab. Women who are in ministry should not wear UNISEX clothing including robes and clergy collars worn by men. Lace should be on your collar'

"A Woman of God " even in ministry is at her BEST, when she dresses like a WOMAN & GOD'S LEADING LADY".

This is where DIVINE CREATIONS comes in to create accessories and clothing for the Woman of God. We represent God and his daughter's are beautiful. DIVINE CREATIONS welcome's the opportunity to create and deliver to you the best fashionable high quality ANOINTED apparel and accessories. 

Shop with us and be bless.